Corporate Events and Training

“No matter how much you plan, business ultimately requires improvisation - the ability to handle the unexpected.  That is why the Groundlings Theatre has been teaching the fundamentals of improv to corporations for over three decades.”  - Mahatma Gandhi


Corporate Training/Team Building Workshops:


If you don’t want to have a weird group hug with your marketing team or a trust fall exercise with Bev from human resources, consider corporate training with The Groundlings.  By applying the techniques used in improvisation we can help your company with communication, marketing, team building, presentation skills, conflict resolution and creativity.


Imagine a business environment where all of your employees feel free to play off each other to generate new and exciting ideas.  Where no one is fearful to listen and respond in the moment - both internally and to clients. Where teamwork and team morale flourish under a framework for creative thought and invention.  Don’t make your company sit through a day of boring presentations.  They will secretly hate you forever.


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Corporate Events

Want to reward your sales team or give your company an outing that doesn’t involve seeing them in Bermuda shorts? Then let us perform for you!  Whether you want to come to The Groundlings Theatre or want us to come to you – we can customize a show specifically for your company.


Got some dirt on your boss?  Tell us and we’ll work it into an improvised scene.  Did you recently have a successful merger?  We’ll sing about it in an 80’s rock ballad.  Don’t send your company on a scavenger hunt.  They did that last year and Arnie lost his pants.


We’ve been performing at corporate events for over 30 years! 


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"Brian and Karen led a training for our team of about 40. The group was diverse by job type and location and they both did an amazing job of brining them together for a dynamic and engaging event.  The team learned a great deal about communication, collaboration, listening and had a great, fun time in the process." - GOOGLE

"3 Groundlings to 300+ Magnolia Science Academy teachers seemed like an unfair ratio going in, but the Groundlings held their interest and taught our folks not only about connecting with students but about collaborating with each other. Only positive faculty meetings forever more!" - Caprice Young, CEO Magnolia Charter Schools


"We couldn't have been more happy with this event.  They were awesome!" - USC Student Union


"Guy was the best teacher we could have asked for. He’s incredibly kind and humble, enthusiastic, and an excellent improv and sketch teacher. He braved one of the worst blizzards Montana has ever seen to be here and all of our students had an amazing time." - Stensrung Playhouse, MT


"The Groundlings put on a fantastic performance! As a nonprofit organization, we are always looking for ways to bring the community together, and The Groundlings were the perfect way to do this! This was a unique show that the audience really enjoyed. What I found most meaningful about the event was the performers' willingness to meet with our local high school's improv team after the show to discuss improv comedy and how to practice and become better at their craft. Not only were the performers absolutely hilarious and skilled, they were down to earth and very willing to give back to the community. We would be ecstatic to have them perform again in San Luis Obispo in the future!"  - The AIDS Support Network


"We had so much fun.  (Your trainer) Roy was amazing with our group!" - Functional Fenestration


"The instructor worked hard to keep the team engaged and the activities fun and light. The Groundlings Rocks!" - Yoplait


"Thanks again for the passion you brought to the immersion and for making this a memorable experience" - VF Corporation


"What a wonderful show!" - Calvin Klein Company


"I would recommend that all companies wishing to deliver a message to their people and /or simply entertain them : employ your services to carry out their mission in a most distinctive, creative way."  - Baskin Robbins USA, Company


"Your entertainment set the perfect tone for our retreat" - Walt Disney Company


"That was the best product presentation we have ever seen at one of our conventions." - MCA Records


FAQ’s about Corporate Training

What kind of training does The Groundlings offer to businesses?

One of the defining characteristics of The Groundlings corporate training is that each session is catered to the needs and desires of your business.  A member of the Groundlings will contact you to discuss what your goals are with this training and what you feel your company needs to feel most comfortable and excited about such a unique program. Whether you are a sales group that wants to enhance communication or a team working to creatively develop a new product or brainstorm ideas, The Groundlings are here to help facilitate and lead a fun, engaging and dynamic session for your business.


Where can we do the session?

That is entirely up to you.  Our trainers can come to your office, your retreat or conference center. We can often accommodate trainings at The Groundlings School on Melrose as well.


How long is the training?

Our standard session is three hours, however, because each training is customized to the needs of the business, we can come spend an entire work day with your team or schedule a session for as little as 90 minutes. 


Who should attend?

We have conducted successful trainings for CEO’s, marketing groups and everything in between.  We find our training works best if everyone joins in and encourage leaders and those in charge of implementing the training to participate.  This is something we will discuss when customizing your training session.


Who are your trainers?

The Groundlings trainers are whip smart, hip and very, very funny.  They have experience with all kinds of companies and have worked with all age groups.  The best part is that each trainer practices everything they teach and preach – The Groundlings use the skills taught in our training sessions to create our critically acclaimed improvisational and sketch comedy shows every week!


What is the cost?

The cost is based on length of visit, size of group and how many trainers are needed to facilitate a successful session.  Our rates are highly competitive and very reasonable.


What companies have hired The Groundlings in the past?

Mattel, Universal Studios, The Gap, The Walt Disney Company, NEC, Baskin Robbins, Calvin Klein, Universal/MCA Records, UCLA, University of Wisconsin, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Los Angeles, Self magazine, Nike, Brighton, NBC, Brigham Young University, Universal Studios Hollywood, Movember... just to name 19.

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