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Groundlings Family Road Trip - Comedy Review

Discover Hollywood - 7/26/2018
"You think you know where a certain sketch is going, but believe me, you don't, and that's what makes [The Groundlings] so brilliant." - Discover Hollywood

BWW Review: GROUNDLINGS ROYAL WEDDING - An Absolutely Regal Laugh Fest

Broadway World Los Angeles - 4/28/2018
With their latest Friday and Saturday night show GROUNDLINGS ROYAL WEDDING, the vastly talented Groundlings troupe has done it again with much responding side-splitting laughter to their funny, funny in-house scripts, their comic timing and expert delivery. The comedically gifted cast of ten whip through a program of fifteen entertaining skits sharply directed by Deanna Oliver.

BWW Review: THE GALE - Dexterous Groundlings Comedy Delivered Gaily Forward

Broadway World Los Angeles - 3/8/2018
The Groundlings is bringing back THE GALE, their sold-out LGBTQ-focused improv from last year, scheduling at least five evenings of gay gaiety for 2018.

BWW Review: SWEET VALLEY GROUNDLINGS - So Sweetly Hysterical

Broadway World Los Angeles - 2/3/2018
In their current side-splitting, pee-in-your-pants, Friday & Saturday night show SWEET VALLEY GROUNDLINGS, the very talented Groundlings troupe just keeps coming up with original, funny skits revolving around the foibles of flawed characters.

BWW Review: The Hysterical GROUNDINGS HOOK-UP APP - A Serious Connectivity To Your Funny Bones

Broadway World - 10/24/2016
Groundlings' latest laugh-packed Friday & Saturday night show GROUNDINGS HOOK-UP APP had their packed house in the palms of their hands laughing hard and reacting loudly to every possible twist, turn and diss. - Broadway World

Media glut, the 'Bachelor,' Yelp get the Groundlings treatment

Los Angeles Times - 5/7/2015
Directed by Oscar-winning "Community"-star and alumnus Jim Rash, the new edition, as ever, features a rotating cast that frequently delivers wry, ribald laughs...

Groundlings: Dead or Alive

Broadway World - 2/16/2015
Aims, Targets, and Tickles Your Funny Bone

The Groundlings Celebrates 40 Years In Comedy

My Fox LA - 6/4/2014
It's a comedy staple in Los Angeles, home to famously funny celebrities alums like Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Griffin, Chris Parnell and Mikey Day, just to name a few...

The Groundlings: improving improv in L.A. for 40 years

LA Times - 5/25/2014
The Groundlings theater has been the hub for blossoming comedy nerds for 40 years...

Groundlings Theatre & School Marks 40th Anniversary with 40 IS THE NEW GROUNDLINGS

Broadway World - 5/2/2014
Heralding the modern era of comedic improv which begat new generations of film, TV and stage talent, the Groundlings Theatre & School is proudly marking its 40th anniversary this May...

Best Show To See Future Comedy Acting Stars

LA Weekly - 10/3/2013
LA Weekly knows... Do you?

Groundlings Online University - LA Weekly

LA Weekly - 8/22/2013
"When they're at their best, the Groundlings' shows bring out our worst — while we're clutching our guts in laughter"

Groundlings Online University - Campus Circle

Campus Circle - 7/24/2013
"...It makes me want to grab everyone I know in the greater L.A. area and convince them to see the show this weekend."

Sure & Begorra the McGroundlings Irish Pub is Here!

LA Splash - 2/27/2013
St. Patrick's Day in 2013 is Sunday, March 17th...but why wait?

Camp Sunday

LA Weekly - 12/22/2011
"This cast of comedians does a bang-up job"

Beverly Winwood Presents: The Actor's Showcase

LA Weekly - 10/18/2011
Two hours of savage schadenfreude capped off with a Saltines and Cheez Whiz reception? Baby, you're a star.

Live Nude Groundlings

LA Weekly - 8/15/2011
"In every skit, their characters are uniquely memorable and brazenly funny."

The Groundlings' "Crazy Uncle Joe Show" Turns 10

LA Magazine - 6/28/2011
If only we could all be that creative...

'The Crazy Uncle Joe Show' at The Groundlings Theatre

Los Angeles Times - 6/23/2011
The mutually affectionate Crazy Uncle Joe actors goad, invite and challenge one another to more and more dazzling ingenuity...

Groundlings State Penitentiary

LA Times - 5/26/2011
Here before your very eyes are the faces that will dominate the billboards of the future.

Campus Cirlce: Groundlings Singles Cruise

Campus Circle - 3/16/2011
At the current main stage show, the ladies rule!

LA WEEKLY: Groundlings Singles Cruise

LA WEEKLY - 3/15/2011

Groundlings River Adventure

Campus Circle - 8/4/2010
The irony plays out in the 22 written and improvised scenes that make up the show, creating the sort of offbeat take on culture that has made the Groundlings such a powerhouse.

Groundlings Space Camp

LA Weekly - 8/27/2009
Just when you thought it was safe to swear off laughing forever, the Groundlings have unleashed another solid show.

The Untitled Groundlings Project

Backstage - 5/11/2007
Our laughter is uncontrollable and overwhelming!

Groundlings Mystery Train - 3/1/2007
This is funnier than anything on late-night TV. Give the Groundlings an Oscar!

Laughter is Part of the Formula

Los Angeles Times - 12/24/2004
The Groundlings sketch formula remains as close to a guarantee of fun as you'll find in show business

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