Tim Stack

From Doylestown, Pennsylvania and a show biz family… Mom had a radio show, Dad was a frustrated writer, bother Pat was also a Groundling, and sister Nina works for the New Jersey Council on the Arts. Tim joined the Groundlings in 1980 (just as “talking improvs” were coming in) after a fateful meeting with the late Phil Hartman. Small movie roles and TV guest shots led to Tim getting his first series, “Reggie” in 1983. Then there was “Our Time” in 1985, “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” in 1989 and while all of this was going on Tim began writing. A few TV movies here, some comedy episodes there, he got his first staff job in 1993 with a show called “On Our Own”. He was able to combine the two talents in ’94 by co-creating and starring in the talk-show spoof, “Nightstand With Dick Dietrick”. He then went on to do the same when he partnered with Howard Stern for the show “Baywatch” spoof, “Son of the Beach”. From there he was a Consulting Producer and Actor on the show, “My Name Is Earl”. He wrote on the shows “Raising Hope”, “The Millers”, and “Kirby Buckets” while also performing in the “Pumpcast” sketch on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno”. He lives in Santa Barbara with his wife (who he met at The Groundlings) Jano and their two children (both conceived at The Groundlings… kidding) Murphy and Doyle.