Kenny Stevenson

Kenny Stevenson is from somewhere nearby. He is the host of the Knuckle Sandwich podcast, where he and another comedian talk about sports ( He is an Alumni of the Groundlings Sunday Company, and can be seen in the Groundlings long form improv show, the "Crazy Uncle Joe Show", from time to time. He has also written and performed with the sketch group "Fries on the Side", for the last seven years. His own sketch comedy show "Have a Bitchin' Summer" played at the Comedy Central Stage and the Groundlings. He has been in several national commericals and was one of the stars of the successful webseries, "My Roommate the Cylon". He can also be seen performing sketch/improv with "Local Heroes", and his sketchcapades have taken him to Los Angeles, Toronto, Portland, and San Francisco. He can also be seen on the internet punching his girlfriend in the vagina. Actually, that woman is his wife now, and he is eternally grateful for her.

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