Fun morning on set with the hilarious andrewcahtah and my awesome scene partner, Omar…
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Navaris Darson


Navaris Darson is a Groundlings Sunday Company alumni and an actor whose credits include Two Broke Girls, Go-Go Boy Interrupted, and Platonic. He started his improv training in college with the troupes, Easy Baked Improv (Berry College) and To Be Named Later (Valdosta State University). In Los Angeles, before going through the Groundlings program, he studied improv at The Empty Stage Theatre, and he has also studied with Groundlings alum, Bill Steinkellner. In addition to teaching at The Groundlings, Navaris guest performs in Groundlings shows and with other troupes around town, he sings with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, and he's writing a book of personal essays, that should be comedic. We'll see...


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