Keri Safran

For a while, Keri was concerned she peaked at 18, after her one-woman show debuted triumphantly in the Apprentice's dorm lounge at the Williamstown Theatre Festival (it's a really prestigious lounge). She is happy to say that though it took some time, she has finally outdone herself. She is thrilled to be able to wake up every Sunday and say aloud, 'It's the day of the show, y'all. "Y'all" would be her fat cats, Neelix and Vershinin. If you know who those felines are named after without Google, Keri might marry you. She has appeared as various waitresses, nurses, cult members and law enforcement officials on telly and on the big screen. But what she really wants to do is be the Nutella spokeswoman. Keri is registered on in case you want to buy her a present.

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