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Lyric Lewis

Main Company

Hold on to your butts..." Literally Lyric's favorite quote from her favorite movie. Lyric has spent her life crossing the country to get to this bio, born a Saints fan in New Orleans, transplanted to the frigid cheese curds of Minnesota, and then landing at Syracuse to earn a B.F.A. in Theater (GO CUSE!). Then after she couldn’t handle anymore lake-effect snow, she moved to L.A, thank GAWD! She is a main cast member on the brand spankin' new MADtv on the CW, and some of her other credits include: DRUNK HISTORY, THE GAGGLE, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, GAY SKIT HAPPENS, and all sorts of other fun things!  You may have also seen her in the 2015 CBS Diversity Showcase, and, if you're a traveler, in the 2015 New Faces: Characters showcase at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal!...she is now an expert in poutine. She is BEYOND excited to be in the Main Company and cannot WAIT to give laughs upon laughs...upon laughs, until you're tired of laughing...if that's possible. Oh right, and her favorite movie is Jurassic Park! Heeeeey Steven Spielberg, for if and WHEN you read this bio.


Odenkirk / Provissiero Entertainment
Naomi Odenkirk/ Brooke Pobjoy




THEATRICAL: Sam Bringardner/Luke Esselen
VOICE OVER: Jim Nicolay/Sarah Rucker
LITERARY: Jacquie Katz/Rob Herting
TALENT: Praveen Pantigan






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