Who here HASN'T choked on a mozzarella stick?
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Carolyn Jania

Sunday Company

Carolyn Jania grew up in Munster, Indiana even though she tells people she's from Chicago.  At age 15, she started studying at Second City Chicago and resumed her studies there after receiving her BA in Theatre from Butler University.  Carolyn is really proud of Schmabaret, a cabaret/ variety show she created with her platonic life partner Adam Ceschin.  She is also one half of musical comedy duo, Buzz’s Girlfriend (which has over 5 million views on YouTube); and co-creator of Riding Buddies, a fully improvised web series featuring comedians from the LA improv community.   You can also see her in things she didn't create but is still very proud of like The Slutty Years, The Sleepover and Opus.  She is so jazzed to be a part of Sunday Company! 


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