1st show DONE. This feeling is HIGH baby☺️🎢🎭🎈Couldn’t of done it without all of these incredible… https://t.co/GHdu3hfbrK
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Amanda Lehan

Sunday Company

Amanda Lehan is originally from Boston and began her career working in the newsroom as a writer for NBC 7 News. After realizing there is only humor in making fun of Local News she began the rollercoaster ride of comedy writing and improv! She has created two web series for her characters featured on WhoHaHa and Funny or Die, as well as being staffed as a pitch writer for WhoHaHa. She can be seen in commercials like T-Mobile, Old Navy, Buffalo Wild Wings and others where she tends to play the angry mom or the complete weirdo that gets too close. Great? She comes from a huge Portuguese family with three wild sisters who give her non-stop material without even knowing it. She is so psyched to be apart of the incredible cast of The Groundlings Sunday Company


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