Auditions are held to place students in the course most appropriate for their current skill level. 


Students must pass an audition to get into Core Track - Basic.  Those who do not pass are recommended to start with Workshop Track - Improv Workshop A.  We do not allow any student to audition into any course higher than the Basic level.  If you're not sure where to start with our program, please CLICK HERE for more information on how to decide.



  • Auditions are FREE and run by a Groundlings instructor.
  • Please bring a headshot & resume if you have them.  
  • Auditions are held 2-3 times per week & can be registered for online.
  • New auditions are posted every Monday, typically 1-2 weeks in advance.
  • Results of the audition are emailed within one week of the audition.
  • Auditions start on time, run for approx. two hours, and there is NO late entry. Be early.
  • These group auditions are all improv (you do not need to prepare anything), and will include exercises representative of our style & coaching methods.
  • Auditions are held in person at our theatre in Los Angeles--we do not accept videos, reels, or any other recorded material as a substitute for the audition.
  • No guests or spectators may sit in on the audition.
  • If you pass the audition, results are good for one year. Anyone who does not pass the audition must wait three months to re-audition. Students are only allowed to audition a maximum of three times. 
  • Additional feedback or notes are not offered outside of the audition.

CLICK HERE to sign up for an audition. Please direct any questions to 



Students who are interested in the Workshop Track (for non-professional actors or beginners) can sign up for Improv Workshop A, which does not require an audition. 


If you've ever been curious about what improvisation is, or how to get started doing it, we also offer a class called INTRO TO IMPROV. This three-hour workshop introduces students to the fundamentals of improv in an open, welcoming environment, and is offered once or twice a month. Come see what The Groundlings is all about!

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