The Groundlings Diversity Scholarship

The Groundlings Theatre and School is committed to nurturing a diverse community of students, staff and board members and believes that everyone, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or physical ability should be given the same opportunities within our program.

With the introduction of The Groundlings Diversity Scholarship we hope to cultivate the next generation of dynamic and diverse performers. Full and partial scholarships for the Core and Performance track are awarded quarterly.



  • Make sure to read this page IN FULL and familiarize yourself with our program. Failure to do so will result in a lower score. Application review criteria are posted below. 

  • If you have not passed an audition with our School, or your class results have expired, your application will not be considered. 

  • The NBC/UNIVERSAL Writing Lab Scholarship is only for students who have completed the Groundlings Core Track. Do not apply for this award if you have never taken a Groundlings class. 

Do I audition for the scholarship?

There is no specific audition for the scholarship, however you must pass an audition with the School, and therefore be eligible to take Core Track classes, before your application will be considered (exceptions are made for teen applicants). You can schedule your free audition by clicking here. New audition dates are posted every Monday at 1pm. 


What if I can't audition before the application deadline?

You will be asked to apply for the next round of scholarships. 


How often do you award scholarships? 

Diversity scholarships are offered quarterly. All applicants will receive notification via email approximately two weeks after the application deadline.


Can this be my first class with The Groundlings School?



Which classes do you award scholarships for?  

We award scholarships for Core Track (Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Improv) and Performance Track (Writers' Lab and Advanced Writers’ Lab), and Teen classes only. We do not offer scholarships for Intro to Improv, Workshops A or B, WOWs, Power WOWs, or specialty classes.

Who can apply?

Please review our diversity statement above for more information. We are currently focusing on diversifying our student body from a racial and cultural standpoint, though we are open to receiving applications from anyone who considers themselves a diverse student.


How much are the scholarship awards?

Most awards are partial scholarships, which enable us to offer them to more students. If you feel you cannot contribute at all to the cost of the class, you may want to consider applying once your circumstances change. Please share your circumstances with us in your application. Full scholarships for Writing Lab are provided via a new partnership with NBC/Universal (see below).


When will I be notified of a scholarship award? 

All applicants will receive notification via email approximately two weeks after the application deadline. 


By what criteria are applications reviewed? 

The Groundlings School is actively seeking to increase its population of racially/ethnically diverse students. With that in mind, applications are reviewed according to the following criteria: 

  • Does the applicant attempt to thoughtfully and fully answer each question?
  • Do they state clear goals?
  • Do they convey a sincere desire to train at The Groundlings?
  • Do they articulate why they want to train at The Groundlings?
  • Do they demonstrate an understanding or appreciation for improv, especially at the Groundlings?
  • Do they speak from a perspective or point of view that is unique to them? 

NBCUniversal/Groundlings Writing Lab Scholarship:

The Groundlings Theatre and School is pleased to partner with NBCUniversal’s Talent Infusion Programs on developing and supporting diverse talent. Beginning June 1, 2016 diverse Groundlings students who are eligible for the Writing Lab level will be able to apply for the NBCUniversal/Groundlings Writing Lab Scholarship. Two recipients will receive full tuition for their Writing Lab course, sponsored by NBCUniversal. These scholarships will be available quarterly.


Writing Lab scholaraships are onlly available to existing students who have passed Advanced Improv. Students who receive this scholarshp must enroll in Writing Lab within 6 months. Do not apply for this schoalrship if you have never taken a Groundlings class. 


From recent Diversity Scholarship recipients:

"I can't thank Groundlings ENOUGH for their diversity initiatives!!! Comedy is such a huge tool in giving minority groups a voice and fighting back stereotypes so to have a school that supports that is awesome... I appreciate that they care about making sure their students come from a variety of different backgrounds - it only makes everything funnier. And more colorful (literally). And more other diverse things...."

- Kausar Mohammed

"I think The Groundlings is such a great school for people of all ethnicities and I can't wait to see it turn into the United Colors of Benetton! Colorful windbreakers and all!"
- Kimberly Walker

"The Groundlings are leaders in recognizing the diverse pool of talent out there. Being a recipient of the Groundlings Diversity Scholarship has broadened my prospects and allowed me to continue my endeavor."
- Vinita Khilnani

The next application deadline is Friday, July 28, 2017 by 5:00pm. CLICK HERE TO APPLY. 

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