Cookin’ With GAS: Holiday Edition

Friday & Saturday at 8/10pm (11/23-11/24)

The Groundlings Main Company, Alumni and Sunday Companies play together in this Holiday special edition all-improv explosion! Based entirely on audience suggestions, the comic daredevils invent custom-made satire and song.

Friday 11/23: Featuring Josh Duvendeck, Allison Dunbar, Andrew Friedman, Jonathan Stark, Annie Sertich, Lynne Marie Stewart, Scott Wainio, and Michael Naughton. Directed by Phyllis Katz.

Saturday 11/24: Featuring Mindy Sterling, Mitch Silpa, Jonathan Stark, George McGrath, Emily Pendergast, Allison Dunbar, Josh Duvendeck, Lauren Burns, amd Scott Wainio. Directed by Annie Sertich.