Groundlings Diversity Scholarships

Groundlings Diversity Scholarships are offered quarterly to Groundling students at all levels of the program, and are intended to support underrepresented communities in comedy and improv. 

Note: There is one application for both the Groundlings/SNL Award and the Groundlings Diversity Scholarship. Students who apply for the Groundlings/SNL award are also considered for a Groundlings Diversity Scholarship unless otherwise instructed. 

For which classes do you award scholarships?
We award scholarships for classes in the Intro Track (Workshop A and Workshop B), the Core Track (Basic, Intermediate), and the Lab Track (Improv Lab, Writing Lab & Advanced Writing Lab). We also offer scholarships for teens.

Who can apply? 
We are open to receiving applications from anyone who considers themselves part of an underrepresented community in comedy and improv. 

Do I have to audition before applying for the scholarship?​​
Students applying for Core Track scholarships (Basic Improv and above) must have passed a Core Track audition. No exceptions.​ ​Students may apply for scholarships for Workshop A or Workshop B without having passed a Core Track audition. Teen Scholarships do not require an audition, just the submitted application. You can schedule a free Core Track audition by clicking here.  

What if I can't audition before the application deadline?
If you are applying for a Core Track scholarship or the Groundlings/SNL Award, your application will not be considered. Please apply for the next round of scholarships.

Can this be my first class with The Groundlings School?​

What if I'm applying for a Teen class?
Great! Please note that in your application and it will be processed accordingly.

How much are the scholarship awards?
Most ​Groundlings Diversity Scholarship ​awards are for half the cost of a class, which enable​s​ us to offer more scholarships each round. We do, however, offer some awards for a full class. The application form will ask you to articulate your needs. ​SNL Awards cover three classes.

When will I be notified of a scholarship award?
All applicants will receive notification via email approximately four weeks after the application deadline.

By what criteria are applications reviewed?
- Does the applicant attempt to thoughtfully and fully answer each question?
- Do they state clear goals?
- Do they convey a sincere desire to train at The Groundlings?
- Do they articulate why they want to train at The Groundlings?
- Do they demonstrate an understanding or appreciation for improv, especially at the Groundlings?
- Do they speak from a perspective or point of view that is unique to them?

I'm applying for an SNL Scholarship. If I'm not awarded an SNL Scholarship, can I still be considered for a Groundlings Diversity Scholarship? 

Can a scholarship be applied to an existing payment plan? I'm already enrolled.
A scholarship can be applied to an existing payment plan only if we receive a request from the student one business day before the payment is scheduled to be automatically deducted. Scholarships are usually awarded 4 weeks after the application deadline. Please be aware of the payment schedule when setting up a payment plan.

PLEASE NOTE: There is one application for both the SNL Award and the Groundlings Diversity Scholarship. The application includes a question about which scholarships you'd like to be considered for. 

The next application deadline is Friday, August 9, 2024 at 4pm PST.