Getting Started

Wondering where to start?

That's completely up to you! Our Intro Track classes (Improv for Beginners, Improv Workshop A & B) are open to anyone at any experience level. They're great for people just getting started, or who want to get some practice in before auditioning for Basic Improv in our Core Track. If you already have acting or improv experience, or you just feel like jumping in, feel free to enroll in a free Core Track Audition. You'll either be placed in Improv Workshop A or Basic Improv. 

Improv for Beginners

One session — $55


A one-day, three-hour class that will give you an idea of the basics of improv and teach you all about The Groundlings program in an open, welcoming environment. If you’ve ever been curious about what improvisation is, or how to get started at the Groundlings, this is the perfect class for you.

Improv Workshop A

6 sessions — $350


Improv Workshop A is a part of our Intro Track, and is open to anyone at any experience level. It's designed for actors and non-actors alike who want to jump right into an improv class. No audition is required for Improv Workshop A. IWA will teach you the fundamentals of improv and will help build performance skills and confidence. The class meets six times, each for three hours. After Improv Workshop A, you can take Improv Workshop B or audition into the Core Track.

Audition for Basic Improv

One class — Free!


Passing a free audition is a prerequisite for enrolling in Basic Improv, the first class in our Core Track. Each group audition consists of improv exercises designed to assess your placement in either IWA or Basic Improv. No headshot or resume is required for online auditions. The audition will give you a good idea of the activities you would do in a Basic class. Your results are emailed to you within 2-3 business days.

Sketch Writing Classes

4 or 6 sessions — $195 - $350


We offer 3 different Sketch Writing Classes with no prerequisites: Sketch for Beginners (4 sessions), Sketch Writing Workshop A (6 sessions), and Continued Sketch Writing (4 sessions). You can read more about them on our School Home Page.