The Groundlings Theatre and School offers quarterly Diversity Scholarships to support our mission that everyone, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or physical ability should be given the same opportunities within our program. To see more about our diversity initiatives, please click HERE.


Groundlings Diversity Scholarships: The Groundlings organization has invested over $300,000 to fund scholarships since the inception of the program in order to support Groundlings students from under-represented communities. Groundlings Diversity Scholarships are awarded for Intro, Core and Lab Track classes. We also offer scholarships for Teen Camps. 
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Groundlings/SNL Award: The Groundlings' partnership with Saturday Night Live and the creation of the SNL Scholarship will initiate significant steps toward progressive recruitment of diverse applicants. The scholarship includes three Groundlings classes, individual coaching from a Groundlings teacher, and the opportunity to create a video submission for Saturday Night Live. Any student who has passed a Core Track audition and not yet taken Writing Lab is welcome to apply.  
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Note: There is one application for both the Groundlings/SNL Award and the Groundlings Diversity Scholarship. Students who apply for the Groundlings/SNL Award are also considered for a Groundlings Diversity Scholarship unless otherwise instructed

Gary Austin Scholarship: This Alumni-funded scholarship was created in honor and memory of The Groundlings founder, Gary Austin. Scholarships from this fund are awarded to students who have accepted an offer for Advanced Lab in our Lab Track.