The Groundlings/SNL Award is a part of the Groundling School’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, and is designed to support underrepresented communities in improv and comedy. The scholarship includes three free Groundlings classes, individual coaching from a Groundlings teacher, and the opportunity to create a video submission for Saturday Night Live. Any student who has passed a Core Track audition and not yet taken Writing Lab is welcome to apply. 

PLEASE NOTE: There is one application for both the Groundlings/SNL Award and the Groundlings Diversity Scholarship. The application includes a question about which scholarships you'd like to be considered for. Please read the following information fully before applying. 


  • This award is given to three Diversity Scholarship applicants each quarter. 

  • The award includes three free Groundlings classes of the student's choosing, as well as individual coaching from a Groundlings teacher after the culmination of the third class. Recipients also have the opportunity to submit an audition video to SNL through the Groundlings School. 

  • The School recommends that the scholarship be used to take (or re-take) Core Track classes like Intermediate, which focuses on creating characters, but the award can be used for any classes in the Core Track for which the recipient is eligible. One-day classes are not eligible. 

  • Students must pass Intermediate before they can submit a video to SNL. Recipients who have not passed Intermediate by the third class are welcome to apply for an additional Groundlings Diversity Scholarship and be coached after they've passed Intermediate.

  • Recipients must complete the three classes within two years, however the recipient can elect to continue their training with The Groundlings School and submit a video when they're further along in the program.

  • Recipients can only receive the award once over the course of their Groundlings training, and can only submit one SNL audition video through the school. 


There is one application for both the Groundlings/SNL Award and the Groundlings Diversity Scholarship. Students who apply for the Groundlings/SNL Award are considered for a Groundlings Diversity Scholarship unless otherwise instructed. All applicants must fill out the full scholarship application. 

Only students who have passed a Core Track audition by the posted application deadline are eligible to apply for a Groundlings/SNL Award. No exceptions.