Alyssa Scholl

Sunday Company Alumni

Improvisor. Sketch performer. Hairdresser. Train conductor. These are all professions. Alyssa does the first two.

Ever since she was a kid, Alyssa has loved making people laugh. She spent her childhood performing parentally acclaimed, one-woman comedy shows to sold out, two-seat family room theaters. She’s so excited, and so grateful, to now have the opportunity to perform every week for much larger audiences (that aren’t just her reluctant parents).

Alyssa has dreamed about performing on the Groundlings main stage since she was in high school, and she can’t believe that dream has finally come true! She (clearly) loves improv, sketch, and all things comedy, but she’d also love to talk to you about gender studies, ethics, math, video games, or cartoons, so stop by on a Sunday and introduce yourself after the show- I promise she’s friendly!



David Ziff

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