Chris  Smith

Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a writer\/ director\/ actor who has been a Blue Man in Blue Man Group and a physical performer for Cirque du Soleil. Chris graduated UCLA’s theater program and, with fellow students, co-created, wrote, and directed the hit web series “Dorm Life”. Chris went on to make a bunch of shorts and sketches since then, with his most-recent short, “MOVIES IN SPACE”, winning Best Short at the 2015 “Fantastic Fest” in Austin. Chris recently partnered with fellow UCLA and "Dorm Life"alum, Jack De Sena, on a Youtube sketch page called “Chris and Jack” where they make funny things you should watch when you feel like it! He can also be seen online as “That Juggler Guy” where his video “Juggling Around Iceland” went viral and got him a spot on the TODAY show. Matt Lauer you guys!!!  

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