David Jahn

David Jahn

2000s Alumni — teacher

David is an alumnus of the Groundlings Main Company, where he performs in the wildly popular “Beverly Winwood Showcase” and debuted “Do You Fear What I Fear?” - his solo show which was heralded by Los Angeles critics and featured in the Groundlings 30th Anniversary. He recently debuted his second solo effort, “Fill Your Hole”, in 2019 on the Groundlings Main Stage. He is currently Chairman of the Groundlings School Steering Committee and has taught improvisation there for twenty years. David was a series regular on MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS BOSS for FOX and currently portrays D.A. Richard Sheridan on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Film credits include APATIENT MAN, OUTSIDE, THE PACKAGE, MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, NEVERLAND, and STRAIGHT JACKET.

Television includes recurring roles on THE CAPE, MOBBED, THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO, and RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. Other credits include ALL AMERICAN, MORNING SHOW, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, BLACK-ISH, THE COMEBACK, BAD JUDGE, KIRSTIE, MODERN FAMILY, COUGAR TOWN, and HEROES. Theatre credits include Herbert in “Blueprint For Paradise”, Roger in “Is There Sex After Marriage?”, Junkman in “Dandelion Wine”, and Peter in “Jesus Christ, Superstar”. David has been featured in numerous commercials hocking anything from luxury automobiles to ingrown toenail medicine.



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