Emily Pendergast

Main Company — teacher

Emily Pendergast is originally from Youngstown, Ohio and graduated from Ohio University (she has the founding year, 1804, tattooed on her side to prove it). She can be seen in the new COMEDY CENTRAL movie, OUT OF OFFICE and the upcoming HBO Series WHITE HOUSE PLUMBERS. Other credits include: The final season of VEEP as Jonah’s wife/half/step sister, Beth Ryan. WE’RE DOING GOOD, LIVE AND LOCAL, MIRACLE WORKERS, THE CONNERS, DAMAGE CONTROL, WE BROKE UP, INDEBTED, LOVE, MIKE TYSON MYSTERIES, YOU CAN DO BETTER, UNREAL, SEARCH BAR, and FUNNY OR DIE. She is over the moon to be a member of the Main Company!! She thanks her dog, husband, and family for their support and unconditional love. In that order? Probably. She’s using this bio to accept Patty’s corn hole acceptance. If you see her, let her know.



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