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Gaby Sandoval started off by self submitting to scam agencies in the 2000s: soundtracked by Kazaa downloads and the AOL dialup tone. She was born in San Jose but grew up in Connecticut where she would turn on the sprinkler and pretend she was in A Bronx Tale. She scored legit gigs in NYC during her time at Pace University. La MaMa ETC. Have you heard of her? Here in LA you can find her shooting horror shorts, or posted up at a vintage theater watching movies of the 80s and 90s. Janeane Garafolo. Have you heard of her?

Watch her co-host a YouTube talk show, it’s about film/movies and it’s called “Self-Projecting” It’s queer coded and really smart. Instant message her anytime: AIM: MyLegoals13



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