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Lindsey is originally from St. Louis. She quickly escaped and graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee with a degree in Music Business Marketing. She has studied/performed at iO Chicago, The Second City Chicago, UCB, and The Groundlings. You can catch her in Season 2 of GRAND CREW which begins airing in March of 2023 on NBC! She is pretty damn excited to be a part of Sunday Company! If she’s not at the theater, she’s probably cuddling her (almost) 15-year-old pup, Buddy (aka Budders), or any other dog for that matter. She’d like to thank her Mom who is the absolute funniest person she knows and her husband who puts up with all of her shit, and vice versa multiplied by a million :) Her Dad always said, "you should do theater." She always said, "No way." This is the biggest ‘I told you so’ from beyond that has ever happened, like, ever. She saved you a seat, Bill.



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