In-person classes are back!

But online classes aren’t going anywhere!

Intro Track Classes and Core Track Classes can be offered online or in-person. Lab Track Classes will happen in-person only. Proof of vaccination & booster required for in-person classes.

See what’s available on our School Home Page, or click here to read about the different ways to get started in our program! Any questions? Email [email protected].

Here’s a breakdown of our class tracks: INTRO TRACK

We’re also announcing two new classes:

Improv Lab (formerly Advanced Improv), 12 classes, $525.

Prerequisite: Passed Intermediate.

Offered in-person only. Includes a show on the Gary Austin Stage. Students who’ve already passed Advanced Improv are not required to take Improv Lab. Students waiting to repeat Advanced Improv will get the same repeater discount for Improv Lab. Students can take Improv Lab 3 times without passing.

After Intermediate, online students are eligible for Performance WOWs, which include a show, & a new class:

Continued Core Workshop, 6 classes, $310.

Prerequisite: Passed Intermediate.

Designed for students who want to continue their improv training online after Intermediate. Focuses on improv, character creation & scene work. Elective. Not a prerequisite for Improv Lab.