Blood For Breck Show

Monday, March 20th @ 8pm

A Night of Improv & Stand-Up.

Breck Denny died on Jan. 17, 2022 at age 34 from a spontaneous splenic artery rupture. Breck - about to start his senior six in The Sunday Company and a rising star in film and TV - was a passionate blood donor. It was donated blood that gave him a fighting chance in his final hours. Each donation can help save up to three lives. The donations of others kept Breck alive long enough for his fiancée Emily to be with him and say goodbye.

Breck was vacationing in Santa Barbara with Emily and their dog Yankee when his splenic artery ruptured. During two operations, Breck was given a staggering 70 units of blood. The intensity of this day was heightened by the nation’s catastrophic blood shortage. You can help give others like Breck a chance at survival.

To donate blood, info can be found at: https://rb.gy/ubupkr


Appox 90 Mins