Eating In Front Of The TV with Laraine Newman & Emily Fleming

Tuesday, October 13th @ 6PM PST

Laraine Newman and Emily Fleming love watching TV. No, seriously, they REALLY love it. Like, it’s their number one passion. In fact, their brand new show is all about that passion. EATING IN FRONT OF THE TV, is a fun, original webinar with a very specific focus: TV (and eating food in front of it.)

Laraine & Emily welcome special guest Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers, The Goldbergs) as they cover everything from favorite couch wear to different things people do in shows that drive them crazy (like taking a pill without water)! They will also be discussing the hit show "After Life" so make sure to binge before the show!

So, heat up your favorite TV dinner, kick back the recliner and grab a ticket today!

This Event will be run through ZOOM WEBINAR. All participants will receive a link prior to the event, which will require ZOOM registration. Please make sure you are registered and logged in 5 mins before the show to guarantee full access.

Check out the podcast verison of this show below before checking out the live version on October 13th!

Approx. 60 mins