Free to Laugh

Tuesday August 18th at 8 PM

They say laughter is the best medicine…and it’s TRUE!Recently, I had the privilege of co-teaching an improv and stand-up comedy workshop to 19 inspiring women, who had just been released from prison. It was one of the most incredible and moving projects I have ever been a part of. It was too special not to share. The workshop was filmed, and the amazing group that put it together has decided to turn it into a short film. SO, we are hosting a night of laughter and love in order to help raise awareness and funds to turn the footage into a longer short film for festivals.Join us for a night of Fantastic Female Comedy! There will be improv, there will be stand-up, there will be laughter!An all Female Groundlings cast will perform Improv and then some of the AMAZING WOMEN from the workshop will do some STAND UP! WHAT! Yeah, it’s gonna be incredible!!All the proceeds will go straight to helping fund the edit of this film- Helping us share the stories of these amazing women.