Peanut Gallery

Tuesday March 18th @ 8pm

Watch one of the best/worst films of all time with us!  Watch one of the best/worst films of all time with us! Our show is like Mystery Science Theater where funny people talk smack over wonderfully terrible films.  Our next selection:  TiptoesCheck out Matthew Mcconaughey pre-Oscar & Gary Oldman playing his dwarf twin brother: who’s gonna talk over the whole film & occasionally pause it to really break it down?Charlotte Newhouse (Host)Jeremy Rowley (Host)Jillian BellJim RashMikey DayFortune Feimster  ABSOLUTELY NO LATE SEATING No Refunds or Exchanges 16 and over only.   Management reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who appears younger than 16 years of age with no ticket refund or exchange.Cast is subject to change. $1 service charge included in ticket price. Show Duration: 2 hrs with no intermission If a show is SOLD OUT online, that means ALL tickets have been issued. You may try your luck at the door. All shows have a first come first served cancellation line outside. No prior waitlist will be kept.